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A Procastinator's Worst Nightmare [Flashback November 2001]

[Originally Posted: 2001-11-28 - 6:38 p.m.]

Now, I HAD two days off to get some stuff done.

I had trouble sleeping last night and, if you've been following along, I had returned to bed around 8 AM (but more like 9 AM) to take a couple hour nap.

10 AM- Good god, someone wants in my condo to clean the dryer vents. Damn, Strata Councils. I don't remember a memo being slipped under the door for this one, but whatever. Come in and do what you need to do. Please don't come back until next year.

The problem really being is, I was out of town for a couple weeks and I've returned to do much work and really have been extremely lazy on my days off. How does that translate? OH my GOD, my place is a disaster. This is like the PRIMO-embarrassment. Now, I've never claimed to be a good housekeeper but even I can do a lot better than my place is right now. I look like a Slob's Slob. Anyway, The two guys that came in, one from the Strata Management Company and the other the dryer vent cleaner, were thoroughly disgusted. I am sure they are telling stories about my awful place to anyone who will listen.

Now, Lock the door again as they leave. I wander back to the bedroom thinking I could try and get the other hour of sleep I had wanted. As I am walking through my bedroom I just happen to glance in the direction of the window.

What the HELL is that?!

Oh my GOD! SNOW ! There's [Bleep] SNOW outside. Crap! I knew it had been getting cold the last few days but I have things to do. If it's snowing like that (and obviously had been for a couple hours at least now) I can't get my pathetic little no weight rear wheel drive Rustang anywhere.

Did I mention I had things to do today that I had put off WAY too long???

Oh well, wave the white flag.

Go to bed. Don't worry about getting up.

I got up around 4 PM. It had started raining a couple hours before so I was hoping by now it was pretty slushy outside. Correct! For 50 points. So, I quickly got dressed and went out so I could pay my rent, and run a couple of errands.

It always seems to snow around here 1 day in November. I was thinking it wasn't going to do it. We don't have that many days in November left but it never fails. There it was. One day I will learn not to procrastinate, because you never know what may happen unexpectedly. Will I ever learn? [Are you laughing?]

Stay Tuned...

Lack of Sleep (Damn It's Cold Outside) [Flashback November 2001]


It's an interesting concept.

Hold that thought, I'll come back to it.

"Veronica" came by tonight and picked up her old computer. She had me reinstall windows and some other programs onto. She's selling it to a friend since she upgraded her computer a little while ago. It was a rather short visit. I met her outside my building handed her the box along with some towels she'd left on my dryer while house sitting for me a couple week ago. We hugged. But I'd come outside in just jeans and t-shirt and realized it was FREEZING ! I didn't want to stay out there very long. I hope she didn't think I was being abrupt. She had mentioned, on the phone earlier, that she was feeling rather under the weather. She said she didn't even want to go out but she wanted to get the computer off me because the girl she's sold it to had already paid her for it. I think Veronica got ripped off thanks to a supposed "computer expert" (not me) saying it was only worth $100 bucks. Idiot.

Let's talk about Sleep. I did say I would come back to that thought.

I dragged my ass off the computer last night around 3 AM. I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't. I may have slept a couple hours but I just can't seem to sleep between the hours of 2 AM - 8 AM. This is NOT a good thing and I don't feel particularly stressed. I just, for some reason, think I am lacking something. Of course, if I knew what it was I wouldn't be lacking it.

Anyway, I'm going to make an effort today to not sleep the day away. There are some things I should do and some others that I must do. Today would be a good day to try and list out the things I need to do but it's only coming up to 8 AM. So, I think I would like to attempt to sleep for another two hours.

Wish me luck.

A Night in the Bingo Parlour [Flashback November 2001]

Well, Two days in a row of staying up until 8 AM caused me to sleep right through the day. I woke up just in time to have a shower and get dressed then drive to work.

Tonight was another, well y'know, boring night. Although, I had another co-worker do their best to piss me off. They could have phoned in a better performance than they managed tonight. I wonder how dense a person has to be that if the business you work for is clientele driven and you treat your clientele with total disrespect with a generous serving of general bitchiness how long will they put up with it before they just don't bother to return. These are things that annoy me. Unfortunately, This is when working in a union really sucks.

Don't get me wrong. I really do believe in Unions. I think they are a vital part of the employment scenario. (Actually, both Union and Non-Union Environments, I'd hate to have just one and not the other around.) The problem is a Union shop tends to protect the canine fornicators. Most often Management types won't do anything about it because of the grievance procedure hinders their ability to actually try and weed out the losers.

The bright side of work today was that "Christina" and her parents came in tonight. It was nice to see them. I gave Christina a stuffed animal which I got it out of one of those machines. We happen to have one in our workplace. Strange I know...but it's actually really popular. Anyway, I wanted to get one out for her and I did. I hope I made her day a little more brighter. She seemed to be having a pretty good day. I am not sure her parents realize I like her because they are so friendly to me. I've never really had to interact with a woman's parents before so perhaps I am just not used to it. This is one of things I try not to over analyze.

Overall, I'm terrible for over analyzing everything. That is, I think, how this journal thing is a good thing for me. Get it somewhat off my chest and out of my head so I don't dwell on it for too long.

Well, I've got two days off now. Let's see how I do with them. I have some things I might like to accomplish. I know part of this is actually identifying what it is I need/want to get done and then doing it.

One step at a time.

There Wasn't Much To Say (So I Said Very Little) [Flashback November 2001]

Staying up too late.

I find myself awake again at like 6 AM.

What IS this?

I worked all night and normally I am exhausted that I don't last much past 4 AM. Now it's just like I don't sleep at all. Although, I am not stressed about it.

I am always stunned when "Veronica" messages me on ICQ saying "You're STILL up?". But oh well, I am getting used to it.

I'm in the evening part of my rotation now. These shifts are so much easier than the day shifts. Oh well, the night also past by with little excitement. Actually, let's be honest, none.

I can't say I really have much to write today. No great revelation here. I just want to make an effort to be putting in daily additions to my journal.

Not that anyone is reading this but that isn't the point at all.

This is just my space to empty the clutter that I call my brain. Believe me, it's very cluttered.

Oh well, until next time.

I, Late Night Owl. [Flashback November 2001]

I came home from a rather uneventful day at work. I sat online for about an hour checking email and such. Then I went and laid down on the couch. I believe it was somewhere around 8 or 9.

I just woke up again and it's coming up to 1 am. My sleeping pattern matters little at this point as I am switching from day shift to night shift. Night shifts at work are so much easier than day shifts. It also helps they are two hours shorter.

I doubt I'll be as productive as I was last night (when I should have been sleeping) but I did manage to update the music being played on my Internet Radio Station. I don't believe I have any listeners anymore. At one time I believe I had about 10 faithful listeners when I first started it but due to time constraints, compiled with the fact I haven't turned it into anything more than a music stream, they've dwindled away. That's okay, the station is just an experiment for me.

Background : I studied Broadcast Arts at a trade school. That was a little over 10 years ago now. I've only applied for one job in the industry and didn't get it. I haven't bothered to apply for anything else. One day, I plan on making a demo tape again and sending that all over the place in an attempt to actually use my education. Though, I believe it makes less money than I do now. It's a slow process. Anyway, My eventual thinking is I have all the equipment I need for live broadcasts on my radio station and that'll will allow me to do air checks (recorded snipets of the DJ bits) for a demo tape. I think it will sound more realistic because it won't be a contrived demo tape where you record it as IF you were on the air. The obvious question is if I have no listeners am I really on the air? (If a tree falls in the forest... nevermind)

So far, I'm two or three days into this journal thing and making regular updates. I am pretty sure that won't keep up. That's my nature. Start something and never finish it.

I was once told I should start a journal to keep my thoughts in focus. One of the toughest things in my life is focus. I am such a scatter brain. Well, not really but I'm more sporadic than an ADD sufferer OD'ing on caffeine. Which reminds me I drink way too much coffee at work but then again that's about the only place I ever drink coffee. I have to though or I'd go comatose then little old ladies would be beat me to death for falling asleep one number before they won some game worth an entire $10 dollars. Of course, knowing my luck I'd do it during game worth $10,000 and be lynched.

Tonight, I talked to "Veronica" [My Last Ex-GF] online. It wasn't very exciting andI was distracted because I was surfing the net at the same time. The whole thing between us, in a way, has been a bit lack luster. At one time, I really wanted to get back with her. Now, I'm not so sure although I definitely still care and hope we can remain friends. I've never met anyone who got my sense humour as well as she does. (Not just laughs at my jokes but gets it. That's rare.) We have similar musical interests. Although I such a variety of music I listen to pretty much anyone could line up some of their music tastes with mine. In any case, I just think she dovetails closer than others.

Which reminds me I should, in general, make more attempts to be social with people. I recently learned on my trip back home I really don't have many friends left over there anymore. With the exception of one (well two but quickly fading in contact). I've been a bad friend. I haven't put any effort into any of my friends. I blame this on a few things. One was a pure lack of money, although that's changed. I can still be amazingly tight with money and then other moments I spend way too much forcing me to be super tight with my wallet again. This wreaks havoc on ones social life.

Tomorrow, is the great Sunday, my usual day to do nothing. Although, I should attempt to be productive some sort of way even it's as much as to sit and clean my train set I brought back with me. It's been sitting in boxes for a number of years now (around 15 years I would think). I am sure there are many spiders and such living in the boxes along with the miles of track and trains. Anyway, I planning on setting it up here in my living room because I have such a large living room. I think it would be a cool little addition even though I never have guests over here. Oh well, it's for me, not others.

Well, I ramble too much therefore I should stop for now.

I am sure I will ramble on more in the future.

This I am pretty sure of.

Still Thinking About Last Night [Flashback Entry]

I've been very reflective of late.

I'll be re-posting a lot of old entries from my original "Under the I" blog.

This Blog entry was written and posted on my original "Under The I" blog on November 23, 2001.
[I removed the first part of this entry as I found it pointless.]

Last Night, "Christina" and I went to the Casino. I lost a lot of money in a hurry. Then she introduced me to Pai Gow Poker. I knew of the game. Just never played it. I won all money back and then some. So, WooHoo for me. "Christina" was very nice, she lost all her bux and I was on a bit of a hot streak on the table so she sat patiently watching me win. She also knew I'd gone quite deep on the slots and not won. So, she was pretty cool waiting around. I had an amazing run. I even gave her some money to go play slots while I continued to play. Although, I think she wanted to Pai Gow too. But I had a feeling if she started playing with my money. I'd be winning in one spot and losing it in the other. When you gamble you just gotta go with your instincts sometimes...and THAT was my instinct. (Cheap Bastard?! I heard that.)

It was good time though, and gambling definitely distracted me from thinking about the fact that "OH MY GOD, I like "Christina" alot!" While I was sitting at the Pai Gow table. At one point I was leaning back in my chair and she was leaning on my shoulder. That was really cool. She asked if I "minded". Of course, I didn't. (I know I sound like a gitty teenager here but I can't help it.) I am trying to be SOOO cool about everything. Yet, inside. I can't even explain. (Stay tuned...)

Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be able to think and talk about something other than "Christina". There's definitely other stuff going on in my life. (Hmm... That's a funny statement from the guy who does very little.)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 694

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 694
  1. Relevant :: Useful
  2. Fester :: Infect
  3. Moving :: Annoying
  4. Bubble :: BUTT
  5. Skyline :: Beautiful
  6. Purchase :: Buy
  7. Strange :: Doctor
  8. Sticky :: Gum
  9. Haircut :: Required
  10. Package :: Delivery

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 - I remembered I had this blog I never use.

Well, Here we are in the middle of January 2016. It's hard to believe, but not completely surprising, that the last entry here was March of 2012. Somewhere along the line I lost the desire to write. Things change and things also come and go. I spend quite a few quiet evenings trying to find the words to write. It's one of those things the first steps are always the hardest. I am glad I suddenly remembered I had this. I'll do something with it. Until then, I hope 2016 is all that you want it to be.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spoke too soon.

Wow, October. What happened. I thought I might be shaping together a plan or even a path of some kind. I believe I took my eye off the ball.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Work In Progress

It would appear that I'm leaning towards posting on this blog instead of my much older blog (Link available by request.) [Note: I like to make it via request because this gives a modicum of effort on your part.] The decision to post here comes from the ability to quickly modify the template without much thought on my part. This allows me some more time to develop my next incarnation of my online blogging.

I've brought over a "feature" from the old blog now noticeable on the sidebar "Bingoguy's 5 Songs of the Moment". This would be one of the things I've always enjoyed updating so if I'm moving in to this spot on a more continous basis then it makes logical sense to bring this over. (It's also incredibly easier for me to update this here than it was in the old place although it wasn' that difficult over there either. I'm just sayin')

I'm going to attempt to use the label feature on most posts if I can remember. I hope that this will allow me to sort posts down the road for easy review by the person so bored in their life they actually read my post catagorically instead of chronologically. My sympathies to this person. This should also allow me to write on reaccuring themes Gaming/Poker, Music, Video Games, as well as the random stuff I used to rant about back in the "Good Ol' Days."

I'd also like to bring over my swearing filter I used briefly (which I "borrowed" from someone else) but was effective to allow me to drop F Bombs and worse from time to time. I find swearing a creative licence so deal with it.

A plan, path, possibly a vision. Holy Crap. I'm scaring myself.

Not a Good Time to Work for Full Tilt Poker

I don't care how much money you spend on advertising your website on television and other media. It's probably NEVER good for your business to have it's LICENCE suspended. I'm not sure 'Scheduled Maintenance' really describes your dilemma.

Good Luck recovering from this disaster FTP.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Quote

From the last episode of House

"What do you do when you win? PARTY HARD! What do you do when you LOSE?! Party HARDER!!"